Jill Talbot navigates unsettling realms of memory and emerges with hard-won insight. Here there are no easy conclusions—only a visceral honesty that stays with you.
— Wendy McClure, author of I'm Not the New Me
An unflinching look into the psyche of someone in the grips of addiction, LOADED tells a riveting personal story. A brave and poignant account of a life at its least appealing moments.
— Anna David, author of Party Girl

Loaded: Women and Addiction

Seal Press | 2007 


Having an addiction can follow the path of a great relationship that goes sour: there’s the first blush of romance, the seduction (“you know you want to”), and the downward spiral into either obsession or breaking free.

Jill Talbot is no stranger to addiction. Part autobiography, part exposé, Loaded: Women and Addiction weaves Talbot’s own battles with addiction with various addiction stories of other women. The result is a captivating, honest look at the allure of addiction—be it to sex, drugs, alcohol, food, adventure, or infidelity—and ultimately its betrayal. 

Though addiction can be seductive, if you’re waking up with guilt or making choices that harm others, it’s probably a clue that things are out of control. Throughout Loaded, Talbot’s razor-sharp honesty, heartbreaking self-awareness, and resolve to reveal the difficult truth of her relationship with past and present addictions is humbling and sometimes gut-wrenching. In sharing her struggles and her resolve to attain control over her addictions, Talbot speaks her truth while sending a message of hope to women everywhere.